African American Women in Physics

Compiled by Jami M. Valentine, Ph.D. and Jessica Tucker M.S. 

Updates Forthcoming.

No. Name Research Field  Graduation Year University Employer 
1 Willie Hobbs Moore Physics (CM Theory) 1972 University of Michigan Deceased
2 Katherine G. Johnson Math & Space Physics b.1918 West Virginia State (BS) Retired
3 Shirley Ann Jackson Particle Theory 1973 MIT Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
4 Anna J. Coble Biophysics 1973 University of Illinois Deceased
5 Arlene P Maclin Electrical Engineering 1974 Howard University MAC-CAE Program / Morgan State Univ.
6 Francine Wright Bellson Physics MS 1974 MIT Musician Manager
7 Muchere C. Russ Physical Chemistry 1975 University of Pittsburgh The CMR Group
8 Sigrid McAfee Condensed Matter Physics 1976 Polytechnic Unive. of New York Rutgers University
9 Janet Smith-Kintner Experimental Physics High Energy  1976 University of Minnesota Cornell University (deceased)
10 Hattie Carwell Nuclear/Health Physics MS 1971 Bennett (hon. doctorate 1991) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
11 Elvira Williams Condensed Matter - Diffusion 1977 Howard University Shaw University
12 Patricia Canty Wyatt Physics MS 1977 MIT Deceased
13 Deborah Jackson Quantum Computing 1980 Stanford University National Science Foundation
14 Fay Marks Physics Unknown Stanford University Swanlight Organization
15 Barbara A. Williams Radio Astronomy 1981 University of Maryland University of Delaware
16 Nola Hylton Applied Physics (MR imaging) 1985 Stanford University University of San Fransisco
17 Mercedes Richards Astronomy 1986 University of Toronto Penn State University
18 Mary James Applied Physics 1986 Stanford University Reed College
19 Willetta Greene-Johnson Physics 1987 University of Chicago Loyola University Chicago
20 Cynthia R. McIntyre Condensed Matter Theory 1990 MIT Council on Competitiveness
21 Theda Daniels-Race Elect. Eng. (Electro Physics) 1990 Cornell University Louisiana State University
22 Reva Williams Astrophysics 1991 Indiana University Bennett & Univ of Florida
23 Claudia Alexander Space Physics 1993 University of Michigan Jet Propulsion Laboratory
24 Chantale Damas Space and Plasma Physics 1993 University of California, San Diego Medgar Evers College
25 Evelyn Hammonds Physics MS 1980 MIT Harvard University
26 Meredith Williams Physics  1994 North Carolina State University Independent  Consultant
27 Aprille Ericsson-Jackson Aerospace (Mech) Eng 1995 Howard University NASA Goddard
28 Zelda Gills Optics 1995 Georgia Tech Lockheed Martin
29 Gillian Reynolds Condensed Matter Physics 1996 MIT Dupont
30 Pamela Blakeslee Condensed Matter 1997 MIT Washington State University
31 Njema J. Frazier Nuclear Physics 1997 Michigan State University National Defense University
32 Jarita Holbrook Astronomy & Astrophysics 1997 University of California, Santa Cruz University of Arizona
33 Beth Brown Astronomy 1998 Univeristy of Michigan Nasa (Deceased)
34 Donna Washington Stokes Physics (Magnetism) 1998 University of Houston University of Houston
35 Florence Egbe Physics 1998 Hampton University Bowie State University
36 Valerie Bennett CM Materials Microstructures 1999 Georgia Institute of Technology Morehouse College
37 Sonya Summerour Clemmons Bio-Engineering 1999 University of California, San Diego SSC Enterprises and MediVas, LLC
38 Marta Dark McNeese Laser Biophysics 1999 MIT Spelman College
39 Dara Norman Astronomy 1999 University of Washington NOAO
40 Sandra Brown Condensed Matter 2000 MIT Law Offices of Sandra L Brown P.C.
41 Apriel Hodari Optical Storage 2000 Hampton University Center for Naval Analysis
42 Helen Major Optics / Plasma Physics 2000 Howard University Lincoln University (PA)
43 Ruth D. Jones Physics 2000 Alabama A & M University NASA/Glenn Research Center 
44 Denise Brown Anderson Optical Materials 2000 University of Alabama Birmingham Center for Naval Analysis
45 Trina Christian Coleman Theoretical Nuclear Physics 2001 Hampton Hampton University
46 Windy Hinton Nuclear Physics 2001 Hampton Norfolk State
47 Anouk Shambrook Astronomy & Astrophysics 2001 University of California, Santa Cruz SmartStrategies
48 Andrea Stith Biophysics 2001 University of Virginia University of Colorado at Boulder
49 Erica Thompson Optical Physics 2001 Hampton University California Institute of Technology
50 Aziza Baccouche Nuclear Physics 2002 University of Maryland AZIZA Productions, Inc
51 Tabbetha Dobbins Materials Science and Nanoscience 2002 Pennsylvania State University Lousiana Tech/Grambling State
52 Alicia Uzzle Nuclear and Applied Physics 2002 Hampton University Apprentice School (Newport news VA)
53 Carol Scarlett Physics 2002 University of Michigan Florida A & M University
54 Elaine Lalanne Nonlinear Optics 2003 NJIT/Rutgers-Newark Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County
55 Althea G. Bluiett Physics  2003 Hampton University Elizabeth State University
56 Renee Baggott Physics 2003 Hampton University Hampton University
57 Aisha Fields Optics 2004 Alabama A&M University West African Development Project
58 Kamili Jackson Mechanical Engineering 2004 Johns Hopkins University NASA Goddard
59 Kim Lewis Applied Physics 2004 University of Michigan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
60 Nadya Mason Experimental Condensed Matter 2004 Stanford University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
61 Adrienne Stiff-Roberts Photonics 2004 University of Michigan Duke University
62 Sophia Suarez Condensed Matter Physics 2004 City University of New York Brooklyn College
63 Shannon Watson Experimental Condensed Matter 2005 William and Mary National Institute of Standards & Tech.
64 Kandace Tanner Biomedical Optics 2006 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign UC Irvine
65 Jami M. Valentine Condensed Matter Physics 2007 Johns Hopkins University US Patent and Trademark Office
66 Marty Baylor Physics 2007 University of Colorado Boulder Carleton College
67 Telana Jackson Engineering Electrophysics 2008 Morgan State University  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
68 Tonia Venters Astronomy and Astrophysics 2009 University of Chicago  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
69 Chanda Prescod- Weinstein  Theoretical Cosmology 2010 University of Waterloo  MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
70 Nantanette Craig Physics 2010 Florida A & M University National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL)
71 Renata Afi Rawlings-Goss Biophysics 2010 University of Michigan Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania
72 K. Renee Horton Material Science 2011 University of Alabama NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
73 Taeyjuana Curry Biophysics 2012 University of Michigan  University of Maryland Baltimore County
74 Nicole Campbell Applied Physics 2012 University of Michigan Raytheon Missile Systems
75 Lynnae Quick Planetary Sciences 2013 John Hopkins University NASA Goddard
76 Monique Walker Physics 2013 Howard Unversity NASA Post-doctoral Fellow 
77 Jedidah Isler Physics and Astronomy 2014 Yale University Syracuse University 
78 Leslie Upton Applied Physics 2015 University of Michigan NSF Graduate Research Fellow