Q: How do we calculate the number of African American Women with PhDs in Physics and related fields?

A: There is a Physics and Astro only list and a Physics Community list.

On the Physics and Astro only list we included all women with PhDs in Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Applied Physics, and Space Physics. 

On our Complete Physics Community list we included all the Physics and Astro only list as well as women who identify as Physicists. For example, a number of women have Physics bachelors degrees, and Electrical Engineering PhDs and work for NASA.  They participate in the physics community and identify themselves as physicists—so we include them on the Physics Community list.

We have also included 4 pioneers—women who due to various circumstance did not finish their PhD, but studied advanced physics before 1980.

If you believe that you or someone you know should be included on this list, or if you have a correction or update, please contact us using the link above.  

If you have questions for us, or would like to contact us for more information, please email AfricanAmericanWomenInPhysics@gmail.com

Compiled by Jami M. Valentine, Ph.D. and Jessica Tucker M.S. 

Last updated 6/25/2015.

African American Women in Physics 

and related fields